The Thomas Bowker Archive


The Thomas Bowker Archive consists of a metal box filled with original legal documents, coming from the practice of Thos. Bowker, a Victorian magistrate from Whittlesey.

The documents largely relate to sales and inheritance of parcels of farmland around Whittlesey in the early 19th Century.

The handwriting of the documents is difficult to read by current standards. Local palaeographer Stephen Browness is working with the original documents to produce transcripts so that the contents can be read by modern audiences.

Conventions in Transcribing

LD1. Agreement to Assign – 1812

LD2. Assignment and Confirmation of a Mortgage – 1820

LD3. Assignment of the residue of a term of 500 years in trust – 1811

LD4. Lease for a year on 10ac of land in Glassmoore – 1811