WhittleseyLeafletPic1Whittlesey Museum Events for 2018

Saturday 13th January, 10-3.30pm – Straw Bear 2018

Saturday 17th February, 10-2pm – Games from the Past

Saturday 14th April, 10-2pm – WW1 Day

Sunday 20th May, 10-5pm – Bus Fest 2018

Sunday 29th July, 2-5pm – Down on the Farm          (For Preschool and Primary aged children)

Sunday 9th September, 10-4pm – Whittlesey Festival 2018

Sunday 28th October, 4.30-6.30pm (open from 2.30pm) – Spooky Museum After Dark

Friday 7th December,  4.30-6.30pm (open from 2.30pm) – Festive Museum After Dark