The Collection

Whittlesey Museum holds approximately 3500 objects plus large collections of archive material and photographs. The museum aims to collect and display material directly illustrating the history of the area including Whittlesey, Coates, Eastrea, Pondersbridge and Turves in the North Cambridgeshire Fens.

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At present this site uses a mixture of individual records for objects and group- or collection-level descriptions (using one record to describe a whole set of similar objects). In the future it is hoped that the site can be expanded to include an individual record for every object in the museum collection.

If you are new to Whittlesey, you might be interested in trying out the following keywords in the “Search” box: Straw Bear, Whittlesey Mere, fen, brick, ice-skating, Sir Harry Smith – or begin your visit with the “Museum Highlights” category.

Replica of Whittlesey Town Charter, 1714