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Straw Bear Festival Programmes

Whittlesey Museum holds a set of programmes from the Straw Bear Festivals since their revival in the late 1970s. The programmes not only commemorate the history of the Straw Bear but are an interesting local history reference due to their adverts for local businesses and other events. The Whittlesea Straw Bear Festival was spun off… Continue reading Straw Bear Festival Programmes

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The Straw Bear Plough

The plough is decorated and paraded around the town during the annual Straw Bear Festival in January. It is accompanied by "ploughboys" in their traditional Straw Bear costume of jackets, flat caps and with blackened faces (once using soot, now facepaint) for "disguise". Before the First World War the ploughboys would have been agricultural workers… Continue reading The Straw Bear Plough

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Invitation to a Luncheon celebrating the opening of Whittlesey Museum

Whittlesey Museum opened in 1976, this is an invitation to a luncheon held to celebrate the opening. The Museum was set up by a group of local people and initially existed as an off-shoot of the Whittlesea Society. It was run entirely by volunteers until 1995, when the first professional Curator was hired. Whittlesey Museum… Continue reading Invitation to a Luncheon celebrating the opening of Whittlesey Museum